What We Do


     Yogi Pop designs beautiful and practical yoga mat holders made from the finest hand-loomed fabrics ethically sourced from places you mightn’t have been (let alone heard of).

At times it is easy to forget other parts of the world are no strangers to the hardships of poverty and violence. Especially when it doesn’t make your feed. But in adversity there can always be found beauty, like a single flower growing in a desert. A lot of the fabrics we stumble across are just that - unique, alluring and enduring.

Fabric is life; every hand-loomed piece, no matter how small, precious for the time and skill that went into its making.

We are here to make a little bit of a difference to the little lives that go oft unnoticed. And to make carrying a yoga mat easy and stylish for yogis on the move.

That’s all.


With many thanks,

The Yogi Pop team

Est. 2020 (A year never to forget)