Introducing the *Pop*

Yellow yoga mat carrier on clean white background 

This is our flagship product - the *Pop*. Born from the very real struggle of finding a yoga mat carrier on the market that is eco-friendly, ethically made and makes going to yoga look damn good.

The *Pop* was made for made for conscious yogis on the move.


  • Designed to balance form and function, with a zippered pocket for keys/cards and a pouch fit for a phone.
  • Crafted from the finest handmade textiles, not a one is exactly the same as the other and each is truly a work of artisan craft to be cherished.
  • Easy and intuitive secure/release mechanism.

Note: Illustration may vary from actual product


Each line is carefully picked for a pattern and color that will give your yoga practice (or at least the trip there) some *Pop*. Not that it needs it. We're sure your yoga is just fine. But if you wanted to make it stand out... get yours here. Manifest that intention.